1. Close the main valve and remove drain cap or open drain. Place a bucket to catch the water that will come out. The main valve is usually located in the basement.

2. Open the petcocks on the vacuum breaker with a screwdriver. These are the small valves sticking out on the right side of the vacuum breaker in this picture.

The vacuum breaker is usually located on the side of the house, coming out of the wall above ground.

The screw slot will be in line with the petcock when open, horizontal on this vacuum breaker. DO NOT CLOSE THE SERVICE VALVES (blue handles).

3. Open the manifold drain, which is the brass valve on the right end of this manifold. These are usually located in the green valve boxes in the ground.

4. Email or call us to schedule your sprinkler winterization service.

This is a standard system configuration, not all systems are built this way and may require different steps to drain.

Proper draining should prevent early freeze damage but the system needs to be winterized to protect the entire system.