After many years of field experience servicing thousands of systems, we have compiled a group of components and designs we incorporate in our installations. Your system will be made up of the most dependable parts from several manufacturers. We install professional grade ball valves with a drain port for the system's main valve. Commercial grade Pressure Vacuum Breakers or Reduced Pressure Principle Assemblies for the backflow prevention. Copper lines from the main valve to the backflow unit and down to grade level. The main line is then converted over to schedule 40 PVC to the manifold. Manifolds are built from premium PVC components and bonded together. Bidirectional zone valves are added to the manifold and manual brass drain valves. Lateral lines are 80# poly with clamped insert fittings not cheap saddles. Heads installed with swing pipe extensions long enough to make them grade and angle adjustable for the life of the system. The sprinkler heads are premium grade, not the cheap homeowners versions available at the big box stores. The control units are professional grade that are fully programable, remote capable and user friendly. We design and install systems the old school way, built to last. Remember, you get what you pay for.
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